Cliffo And The Jeans Test

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You’ve had breakfast right?

Cliffo from HOT FM Townsville’s Cliffo & Bec, made the mistake of saying that he never washes his jeans.  He takes them off, chucks them on the clothes line and “airs” them, thinking all is good.

Bec straight up, thought that was revolting and rank and took Cliffo’s jeans to the science boffins at James Cook Uni.  

They took a swab of Cliffo’s jeans in some key spots for testing. At the same time to be fair to Cliffo, they tested a freshly washed pair as well.  What did it prove? 

“You’re an unhygienic, unsanitary grot”, said Bec

The evidence and video below. You have been warned.

The Clean Jeans at rear: Cliffo's Jeans at the rear:



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