Chrissie: “why I love Jamie”

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ARN's Chrissie Swan has written an article in the News Limited press about her friendship with Mix 101.1 Breakfast Anchor Jamie Row (right).

Swan writes about when she first met Jamie whilst they each worked at Hot 91 on the Sunshine Coast; in part, the article says;

I AM deeply in love with a man. And he is not my fella. I've known him for nearly 10 years and it was love at first listen. He is my best man-friend and I first met him when I was working at a radio station on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.

I remember the moment he entered my life. I had just collected my car from the airport carpark after a weekend home in Melbourne when I turned on the radio to listen to what was happening on the station I worked at. It was called HOT91 – named after the weather in the town it broadcast from.

StinkingHumidInhospitable91 was too much of a mouthful so they settled for HOT91.

I tuned in. And I heard a voice I had never heard before. It was full of joy and energy and I was intrigued because, let's face it, Pelican Waters isn't usually home to anything too fabulous.

Instead of driving home I pointed my car in the direction of the station. I had to see who this guy was. It was of course, Jamie.

I watched him through the studio glass as he danced as if he were at a New York dance club. And not as if he were stuck on the second floor of an office building in an industrial park in Maroochydore with views of a swamp to the east and Sleepy Pete's The Mattress Specialist to the west.

That's what I love about Jamie. He makes everything feel classy. Even a place called Maroochydore. Even me.

You can read the complete article here.

picture: Jane Hall, Jamie Row, Chrissie Swan – Mix 101.1 Melbourne Breakfast.


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