Carmen Braidwood returns to radio on 6PR

Former Assistant Editor
Image: Facebook / Carmen Braidwood

Carmen Braidwood has returned to radio, broadcasting on 6PR 882 in the same building as her previous show on 96FM Breakfast with Brad ‘Fitzi’ Fitzgerald.

That gig ended with Carmen and Fitzy being unceremoniously axed in October of last year, and Camen told AAA Weekend that coming back to the same building wasn’t without a bit of unease.

“Rolling up to meet with the 6PR bosses was awkward knowing the members of the new 96FM line-up were in the building,” she said.

“I was a little stressed and nervous as most would be for any job interview, so I can say I was hoping not to bump into either of the new team members as it might’ve thrown me off my mojo.”

Carmen is filling in for Simon Beaumont on 6PR afternoons during the school holidays.

“I have only seen Lisa (Fernandez) once since the show changed hands — briefly, in the toilets at the opening night of Mamma Mia!, and there was no punching, kicking or hair pulling… and I’ve not seen Paul (Hogan) since before his show was axed at 92.9,” added Carmen.

“But as I walked up to the front door for the world to see, and without the protective benefits of my previously held, bottom-floor car parking space, a couple of tradesmen recognised me.

“One said ‘Hello, Carmen, we miss you on the radio each morning — when are you coming back?’ Have to admit, that suitably pumped up my tyres!”

In a recent interview, Carmen revealed that she and Fitzi saw the writing on the wall after the June 2017 survey, when the station stopped using their ideas despite the duo rising to a 9.5% ratings share.

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9 Jul 2018 - 2:57 pm


sasha verma
23 Dec 2018 - 3:43 pm

Carmen talks a lot and I suppose that’s the business she is in but what I don’t like is her superciliousness . If she could be more substance and fact driven rather than try to be an opinionista perhaps she could improve.


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