CADA: “Everything we’ve done has been non traditional”


More than two months on from the launch of Australia’s newest youth media platform – CADA‘s unique approach is reaping results.

General Manager Emily Copeland discusses with Radio Today the philosophy behind CADA after yesterday’s ARN client presentation in Sydney.

“Everything we’ve done has been non-traditional” she says.

“We realised there was a massive opportunity for us to connect young audiences with content that is culturally relevant, and also represented a diverse viewpoint, in terms of the kind of people that are speaking about the culture, and the kind of music they’re talking about.”

Copeland says they recognised that while CADA is anchored in hip hop and R&B, the culture around those two musical styles is much more diverse, covering everything from fashion to sport to food.

“So we’re looking at all the ways we can allow brands into the CADAverse and connect with 18 to 29 year olds.”

CADA’s research identified that ads were a bugbear among that demographic in the commercial radio space.

“At the same time, they said to us they don’t dislike advertising, they just want it to be engaging, relevant and entertaining.”

Copeland says there’s a huge opportunity for CADA to move away from the traditional thirty second spots to create more integrated content, delivering advertising messages in a way that’s engaging and relevant.

She cites the Red Bull campaign as a great example – a brand that understands culture and music, creating content that’s focused on music.

Copeland says CADA is already seeing an uplift in audience and revenue, including 3.1 million connections with Australians each day.

As well as the broadcast setting, she says they’re also reaching a significant amount of people through Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok and YouTube.

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Sounds pretty traditional to me bro
12 May 2022 - 7:21 pm

Can we get a citation on that audience uplift?

Or are we just to take their word for it?

14 May 2022 - 9:52 am

There is ZERO evidence showing an audience uptake. All I’ve heard is negative reviews about CADA and after tuning into the station, I can say it’s very community radio-esque.

I give it one more year (or less)…..

Bryce donaldson
15 May 2022 - 1:38 pm

Looking at their YouTube they have less than 1000 subs with most videos being under 1000 views as well.

Not exactly uplifting.

Kenneth Jones
4 Oct 2022 - 11:43 am

hows it going ??


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