Breakfast host takes on prison guards

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A couple of months back 2CC in Canberra suspended News Director Jorian Gardner (pictured) for a fortnight after he made a joke about 'upskirting' Prime Minister Julia Gillard.

See the story here and here.

Gardner is in some strife again, after he suggested prison guards were smuggling drugs into jail.

Gardner, and 2CC's Breakfast host Mark Parton, were discussing a proposed needle and syringe program for the jail when he said….

"If you want to talk about the drug issue, I'm going to make a statement now that you're not going to like and a couple of people out there aren't going to like. The prison guards should look at themselves, that's how the drugs are getting into the prison, you know it, and I know it, and the guards know it."

"How else do the drugs get into the prison…….what do they just fly over the wall do they?"

"Before the guards want to start whinging about the 22 people who might get a syringe, maybe they want to have a look at their own ranks to find out how the drugs are getting in there in the first place."

Prison guards have demanded Gardner produce evidence to back up his claims or apologise publicly.

Vince McDevitt, Community and Public Sector Union regional director, told the Canberra Times…

"They've all just been called drug smugglers and drug dealers, and they're law enforcement officers, it doesn't sit well with them."

Read more in the Canberra Times here

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