Bec Brown chats with ‘The Briefing’ on bouncing back from job loss

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Bec Brown

The latest episode of Southern Cross Austereo podcast The Briefing dives into the impact of COVID-19 on jobs among young people, and The Comms Department founder Bec Brown joins the show.

Amid a global pandemic which has seen 12% of Australians in their 20s lost their jobs, many are re-assessing career choices.

Brown, whose company handles communications for Australian Radio Network stations, joins to shed light on how to navigate a profession pivot in a recession.

She recently released a book called You’ve Got This, a guide to re-assessing your career.

Brown speaks with hosts Tom Tilley and Annika Smethurst.

“It’s really helpful to remember that, while we can’t control what happens to us, we can control how we react,” Brown says.

“So if you’re working in a competitive industry and a change happens like you’ve lost your job, it is really easy to catastrophise and add a lot of additional drama to the situation.”

Smethurst asks her how people should react to losing a job that is a big part of their identity.

“One of the traits of really successful people is their ability to get over disappointment,” Brown continues.

“That’s something that we can all do. It’s difficult but it’s as simple as that.

“It’s [also] a really great time to re-assess what your values are… then you can go down the path of reassessing what your passions are, because it might be that now is the time to take a shift and end up working in a different industry or different field.”

Listen to the full podcast at PodcastOne Australia or wherever you get your podcasts.

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