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A hot “Hot Breakfast”
A chessboard and its pieces is an analogy that’s been used before to describe events these past few days in Melbourne FM radio. And it’s a spot on description.
Longevity: it’s a numbers game.
Smoothfm’s newest recruit Steve Blanda has reached a radio milestone that very few manage to attain. After leaving 2UE in the great Macquarie/Fairfax purge of just a few months ago, Blanda is ...
The Force is strong in this one….
Anyone who’s sat through Star Wars would know that Darth Vader was picking up on ‘something’ about a young pilot, who turns out to be his son.  The “Force” runs strong in his family. Whilst we’re ...
Spreading the news
We’re in a unique position in Australia.  Despite the merging of newsrooms, the outsourcing of news services and the sacking of journalists, listeners have still got it good when it comes to ‘news’.
Another one bites the dust
After the blood letting that followed the Fairfax-Macquarie, it was natural to think, or even hope, that perhaps we’d seen the last of the upheaval.  Maybe we’d see some stability. Not quite. ...
Lee Simon: Sliding Doors
Consider this for a moment.  If not for the Vietnam War, the radio landscape in Australia could look very, very different.  If not for the Vietnam War, we might not have had Eon FM or Triple M. 
Steve Blanda: Life after 2UE
The brutal reality of the Fairfax-Macquarie merger came as a shock to a fair few within the industry.  That so many people of high calibre were ‘let go’ was astounding. Many, many good were made ...
After the axe falls.
It’s been a tumultuous period for our industry, with almost unprecedented upheaval.  Newsrooms, in particular, have borne much of the brunt of it and many, many good people have been left out of a job.
The problem with PR
Some say “sales” is the natural born enemy of the journalist and let’s face it; we’ve all had a whinge about some of the credit lines/sponsorship tags that we’ve had ...
Lest we forget.
Australia is preparing to mark a significant landmark in our history – the 100th anniversary of the Gallipoli landings. It launched a 6-month campaign in the Dardanelles that saw more than ...
MEAA: Where forth art thou?
As the industry comes to terms with the Fairfax-Macquarie blooding letting in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne, questions are being asked of the union that is supposed to represent broadcasters and ...
Radio bloodshed
I watched and read with growing despair as rumour and speculation gave way to reality in the merger of Fairfax and Macquarie.
Drop The Clichés
There are very few things that get under my skin MORE than clichés.  It’s a sign of sloppy journalism or a ‘brain in neutral’.  I’ve explored it before in my ‘pet hates’, but thought we should ...
Where there’s a Quill ..
Neil Mitchell has done it again, adding another Quill Award to an already huge collection of honours and awards. The Quills recognise excellence in journalism across all disciplines: print, ...