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Elite Salespeople
We all aspire to be great, in ‘sales’ to be great takes courage and persistence. Here are what I think are the top five traits of elite sales people.
Act As If
Recently I had contact with a salesperson who said that he was working out the kinks in his selling slump and that he was hopefully getting back into the groove.“Action plus Courage” ...
Four Steps to Change
In order to become truly adept at selling, a salesperson must be exposed to the basics of selling and then have the opportunity to practice, to review, to practice more and then to have the ...
Two entries appeared at dictionary.com after I typed in the word “authenticity”.“The quality or condition of being authentic, trustworthy, or genuine” and ...
Your Dream
Ever thought of becoming a sales manager; personally writing $10,000,000 in advertising billings in a year; becoming a better husband or mother; traveling the world; or writing a book?We all have ...
Distinctive, Passionate & Meaningful
If I ask you the question, why should I buy advertising on your company? What would your answer be? Do you have an answer?Would you sound convincing, confident, and unrehearsed? Would you?
People tend to speak in different ways depending upon their education, locale, industry, and many other factors.
At This Moment
At this moment someone is sitting in despair at the base of mud-blackened and sewage covered steps surveying what once was a family home and sanctuary. At this moment a soldier lay in the dark ...
Your Consent
Mahatma Gandhi said “A man is the sum of his actions, of what he has done, of what he can do – nothing else.”If I consciously and honestly absorb what Gandhi has to say, should ...
Have you heard or said this lately: “Yeah-no, yeah” or “No, yeah-no.”?Have you noticed this tendency in our verbal communication?
That’s Not Selling
“The power is in the question”, states a wise Japanese expression. As salespeople this phrase holds deep implication for us.So what is it that falls from your mouth?
Get off your Knees
In the radio industry we continually face challenges and how we view these obstacles defines us. Do you choose to see challenges and problems as opportunities or obstacles?
What’s in a name?
You’re at a dinner party. There are people you don’t know sitting around the table. Eventually the conversation turns to “what do you do for a living?”“I’m an ...
All Your Promise and Power
How do you continue to live with courage and optimism when your world is collapsing around you? How do you maintain a continued vision of success or a philosophy of gratitude when everything ...