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While we wait for SCA's announcement today on the re-brand of SAFM, all the "HIT" tradmark word IP registrations are in train with IP Australia.

Do a quick search for registrations and you will find all the current SCA major market brands registered to protect the wording “Hit” positions being "HIT1041", “HIT104”. "HIT107”, HIT105”, “HIT929” and “HIT1019”. The rego process started October 3 with some as recently as the the 14th.

At the same time if you call up, you re-direct to with an SCA icon thrown up in the web browsers favicon section. Tuesday night both the SAFM and 2DAY website were also offline completely for a period.

Today when The Australia hit up SCA CEO Ryhs Holleran asking if 2Day FM was about to also be re-branded he said:  “We will play hit music, I can tell you that much.”

Asked if they were planning to ditch 2DayFM in Sydney Rhys denied the suggestion.

When we spoke to Craig Bruce on 2Day’s point of difference compared to the other stations in the space in the Sydney market he said: 

That we are yet to communicate effectively to a broader audience, and it’s a combination of a few things that are still yet to play out …..  that we will be announcing in the next little period of time. 

And then there’s some elements to the radio station that we think are unique to 2Day FM which we haven’t probably done a good enough job either above the line or below the line in terms of marketing.”

Could the rebrand in Adelaide be extended more broadly than just that one market?


RadioToday’s Nikole Gunn  will be on the ground in Adelaide today as SCA makes some more announcements on the revamp of SAFM. 


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