ACMA clears Kyle

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The ACMA have been investigating Kyle's "spider baby" comment made in late April.

At the time he said that the baby born in Pakistan with extra limbs would have an advantage at the Olympics.

Kyle has been cleared, with the ACMA stating…

“The ACMA found no evidence that the welfare or well-being of the baby concerned was, or was likely to have been, affected by the broadcast of the segment.

The ACMA also considered whether the broadcast breached code provisions which prohibit the incitement of severe ridicule of a person because of their disability and the broadcast of material which offends generally accepted standards of decency. It found that while the broadcast conveyed severe ridicule and was grossly insensitive, it was not likely to incite severe ridicule of the child among listeners. Nor did the broadcast offend generally accepted standards of decency: although the comments were in poor taste and offensive to some, they were not, in the sense contemplated by the code, lewd, coarse or indecent.”

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