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The team at 92.7 Mix FM on the Sunshine Coast have been busy – installing gear.

They upgraded a major piece of equipment, the Orban Audio processor for the on-air sound, going from the old 8200 to the latest Orban Optimod 8600 – instantly  better quality sound with more dynamics and crispness. Tick that one off the list!

So why would they place something into the studio that most stations have taken out?


To highlight the new fidelity, 92.7 Mix FM is playing a popular 80’s vinyl album in its entirety every Friday during August for the station's tactic, 80’s August. So, in went the turntable.

Content Director Ryan Khay said “We wanted to showcase the new sound of Mix FM after the new processor was installed, by playing a classic 80’s vinyl album in its entirety , a great way to showcase the audio dynamics, clicks and pops included”.

"Before iTunes where we purchase only the songs we like, listening to a full album was a real experience, we look forward to bringing back that experience uninterrupted  during 80’s August”.

Mix FM’s Vinyl Lunchbox is one of the many elements of the month long celebration of all things 80's.







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