96five jock accuses Arnott’s of copying his idea

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Back in July we told you about this fun idea from then 96five Brisbane night host Zach Mander. He invented 'The Cheeto Cannon'.


While Zach was watching TV on the weekend he was amazed to see the new Arnott's TVC was a direct copy of his invention.

Zach has posted this video with a list of demands that Arnott's must meet in order to avoid things getting serious, "going to court and stuff like that !".



Arnott's have replied to our tweet for this article, saying :-


This story has now hit news.com.au (funny !)

Arnott's say they were “amused by Zach’s ingenious response”.

“Here at Shapes, we appreciate creativeness and the throw down of a challenge — we’d like to help facilitate Zach swimming in a pool of Shapes, we’re also currently seeing what we can do about a clock-sized YoYo and car-wheel-sized Wagon Wheels.”

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