50 Years in the Biz and Still Going

He’s been a voice at some point in time we have all possibly heard. Whether it be the voice of Sky Channel, the voice of the Sydney 2000 Games, the Manly Sea Eagles ground announcer (over thirty years), his Sydney breakfast show and even the voice of City Rail (more on that in a minute.)



This week he celebrates 50 years in Australian Radio. Grant Goldman.

From #1 runs over the years at 4IP, 6PR, 3UZ, 5AD and 2UE. He is still on the radio every weekday morning on 2SM from 5 until 9.

I asked Grant a couple of questions after being 50 years in the game.

Blair RT: What are the biggest changes you have seen in radio in the last 50 years?

“The biggest changes have been the computer…which saw many good people drop out of the industry. Also, many more stations competing for the ever smaller slice of the advertising pie.”

Blair RT: If you could, what is one thing you would change about the industry?

“What I would change is the flipcard system on many stations that tell announcers what to say…that's not radio it's a test pattern and it does not encourage individuality and personality.”

“I would also go into overdrive to promote digital radio.”

“I would also go and find some of those great broadcasters that should still be on the air.. Rather than some talent I'm hearing that sound like 12 year old schoolgirls…”

“I would also ban multiple announcers on the air at the same time….If you can't do it by yourself you shouldn't be on air.”

Blair RT:  Grant, your team the Manly Sea Eagles isn’t doing too badly this year – so we will let you have more than One Thing you would change with the Industry – enjoy!

Mike Goldman shared with us his thoughts on his father’s 50 years in the biz. Mike said:

“Dad taught me everything there is to know about radio and television, how to use a microphone, how to promote myself, how to sell promotional use only CD’s on E Bay.”


“I can honestly say I have never met anyone in the industry who always had such a positive attitude at all times.”

On City Rail  – if you are a regular rail commuter in Sydney, then Grants voice would be all too familiar. Mike  Goldman said “Someone then got hold of these announcements and messed with them a little.”

{youtube} x1KHLPR3c4E{/youtube}





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