4 Critical Questions Every Air Personality Must Answer

So you want to be a legendary air personality. Great. I want to help you realize your dreams, starting now. But you have to take the first step by answering three questions.

These are hard questions, and only you can answer them. I can help you find the answers and develop your talent, but it starts with you. When you thoughtfully answer these questions, you will gain a clarity and sense of purpose. It will help everything else come into focus.

There are no right or wrong answers, but there are good and bad answers. Take your time and think these through. Write it down in detail. Then rewrite until it’s clear, specific and complete. And honest.


  1. What currently holds you back from achieving greater success? Fear? Effort? Commitment? Resources? Experience? Motivation? Insight? Opportunity? Are you on the wrong station? The wrong day part? Working with the wrong partner? Are you not getting good coaching? Identify everything that is in your way of being great. Be honest.
  2. What do you need to reach your goals? What is missing? What qualities and attributes prevent you from reaching greater heights? Is it a show prep service? A support network?
  3. What are you willing to do to succeed? How far are you willing to go? Are you willing to change stations? Formats? Markets? Companies? Would you move to a smaller market to get the opportunity? Would you take a lower-paying job to get your shot? Are you willing to host events without a talent fee? Pay for your own tools, show prep services and training?
  4. What is it that you do better than anyone else?  What characteristics make you stand out? What will listeners be attracted to? How will they know you? What about you will make them fall in love with you?

These are self-evaluation questions, and they are important. Answering these questions honestly will provide insight. It also should provide a very clear road map to guide your career.

Then you can take the next step. Let me know how I can help.


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