20% Drop in piracy: Spotify

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“Spotify is making inroads with piracy… a 20% drop of piracy volume in a year”, said Spotify’s Director of Economics, Will Page.

It was the first taste of the research Spotify released at Communications Minister Malcom Turnball’s Copyright – Online Infringement public forum  in Sydney.

Spotify have claimed 1 in 6 have the service with three quarters of them aged under 34.

He went on to say:  “When you think of a 34 year old they have lived through a decade and a half of digital disruption.”

“…Who wouldn’t have any concept of ownership”


The growth of music streaming was completely dominated by Spotify according to Will.

“Comes down to price” … “Comes down to product.”

Spotify worked with newcomer in the space MusicMetric, who have a couple of other big clients including MTV, EMI and Gracenote.

Their 3 month research project focused on bit torrent services in the country, which not only covered music but television and movies as well.

At his Keynote speech at BigSound in Brisbane Will Page went further:

“It’s exciting to see that we are making inroads into reducing the music piracy problem within such a short space of time in this market. It shows the scope for superior legal services (offered at an accessible price point) to help improve the climate for copyright online.”

“Let’s be clear, Australia still faces a massive challenge in turning around its much talked about media piracy challenge, and it always has, and always will, take a combination of public policy and superior legal offerings.”

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