2 jocks in running for Cleo Bachelor of the Year

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Nick Gill Travis Roebuck

Two SCA jocks are up for the chance to be the wildcard entrant in The Cleo Bachelor of the Year 2013.

One is announcer Travis Roebuck who has worked in various roles across the network.

The other is Nick Gill from Sea FM in Hobart.

The Tassie station are campaigning hard to get him into the Top 50.

Nick's breakfast co-host, Esther “Woody” Woodhams entered him and said:

“What’s wrong with our Hobart men? We have a premium A-grade breed of them here yet not once has a Hobart based man has won the Cleo Bachelor of the year title. Until now… I believe my co-host is and should be the only candidate in the race. He’s played AFL, plays 130 different instruments, trains monkey’s, has dated a woman from every single country to expand his tastes, he bakes brownies, speaks 10 languages and on the weekend saved a woman’s life who was drowning.”

Woody’s on the campaign trail with no event too small, no public appearance too mediocre, no task to trivial!

After 6 days Nick has :-

  • saved a woman drowning (the wave for help may have been a woman pushing hair out of her face while walking through the water)
  • assisted the elderly cross a dangerous intersection in the CBD (the intersection may have assisted with the relevant walk assist lights/green man walking)
  • held a controversial press conference (only three people turned up!)
  • became Hobart’s first prestigious Meter Maid, multitasked throughout the neighbourhood kissing babies and door knocking, and swooned the elderly with his singing ability (the term “singing may be used loosely in this context)

Nick Gill says:

“I sincerely hope that we can get a Tasmanian Cleo Bachelor of the Year 2013. Not me so much, but someone.”

See more pics (if you want) at Cleo here.


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