Wanna be a Rock Star?

There is a book that I have read numerous times in the past year or so, and have talked up to many people. It is an absolute ripper.

The book is called ‘Brand Like a Rock Star’, and is written by a Canadian called Steve Jones.

Last week Steve sent out the below email called ‘The Rock Star Business Manifesto’, which I will make a couple of comments on.

Firstly, have a read of the ‘manifesto’;

Whilst the piece that Steve has written is about ‘Rock Stars’, there are parallels in business – be it radio or any other business.

If you were to insert the words ‘successful executive’, or ‘successful account director’ for example into the text – for most of the points, they would make complete sense.

Likewise, if you were to insert the name of any successful brand into many of the points, they would make sense.

Insert Richard Branson or Barrack Obama’s name into each of the above point, and see if they fit.

Ultimately, we all have to be true to who we are. You can’t be someone you’re not. And I’m not saying we should all aspire to be Branson or Obama.

However I am a believer in, and fan of, ‘personal branding’. The brand of ‘you’.

We are all responsible for our own brand, how others see us, how we represent and carry ourselves. Sometimes we get it right, and sometimes we don’t. However our personal brand is what we nurture it to be.

From that perspective, there may be a couple of points in the ‘manifesto’ that resonate with you personally and you may be able to focus on.

After all, there is a reason why fantastic people in any business are occasionally described as Rock Stars.

You can buy Steve Jones ‘Brand Like a Rock Star’ here.
Dan Bradley is Executive Director of Kaizen Media; a boutique international radio consulting and artist management company, working with radio stations, media talent and music artists.

You can contact Dan here

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