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Radio Lessons #59 – United
Always be ready to pounce. Your competition will make errors, writes Ronnie Stanton.
Radio Lessons #51 – Zed
No, not the hilariously incomprehensible character from the Police Academy movies and not the security guard from Pulp Fiction. The letter – Zed.
Radio Lessons #50 – Writer’s Block
Dave Stewart, the non-Annie Lennox half of the Eurythmics, has done prolific, important work since the band parted ways; now focused primarily on artist development and the mentoring of the next ...
Radio Lessons #49 – U2
Who doesn’t like something for free? 500 million people apparently.
Radio Lessons from the Real World – #47 – Trump
To his supporters, millions of them; an anti-politician, a common man who made it big in business, a colorful yet honest speaker who told it like it is, an agent of change who took charge; will ...
Radio Lessons from the Real World – #42 – Video
Two rivals planning global domination. No, not Gorbachev and Reagan. The other battle for supremacy; VHS vs. Beta. Japanese technology super powers JVC and Sony both developed analog, ...