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What make a good radio journo?
What is it about a particular journo that makes them stand out from the herd? I’ve been asked it a lot and it has me thinking. 20 or even 10 years ago, I would have quickly answered that it ...
MH17: the trauma of reporting trauma
The past few days on the news front have been pretty tough for broadcasters. The rolling coverage of human trauma can take a heavy toll on those processing and delivering the news.    
In defence of “news”
Let me be upfront from the outset.  I have an agenda.  I am a journalist. Putting modesty to one side, I’m even an award winning one: New York Radio Festival silver medallist for ...
Social Media and the Radio Newsroom
Facebook and Twitter have changed the way we get our news and it’s no surprise that many newsrooms are turning away from traditional outlets such as AAP. In fact, more and more stations are ...