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AUDIO: Ryan Jon’s prank call to 2GB

Ben Fordham just got punked by the Hit Network’s Ryan Jon.

Ryan was attempting to promote his new 2Day FM Weekend Breakfast show that he co-hosts with Tanya Hennessy yesterday by calling 131 873.
Talking to Radio Today, Ryan said, “We’re new to Sydney and I’m trying to promote the Ryan and Tanya Weekend Breakfast show wherever possible.”
2GB’s Fordham was in talkback mode, taking calls on the ACT government’s push to ban vending machines from stocking unhealthy soft drinks and fruit juice in Canberra public schools when Ryan called in.

“Ben”, Ryan said, “you know what the best thing to do is on a hot Sydney summers day is?”
“You tell me, Ryan,” Fordham quipped back.
“You listen to Ryan and Tanya on 2Day FM and have an icy cold can of coke Ben; it’s the best.”
“Ryan and who?” Fordham shot back, before putting Hamish & Andy on notice, insinuating that Ryan & Tanya were after their drive show gig.

Listen to the audio courtesy of MMN:

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