Zanda Wilson
Assistant Editor

Does anyone on the GC actually know the name of the Commonwealth Games Mascot?

Tim Wong-See, former Nova 106.9 Arvos host now with ABC Gold Coast, has hit the streets to find out whether any locals actually know the name of the Commonwealth Games mascot.

Many people might be aware that the mascot is a koala, but would anyone in Surfer’s Paradise be able to name him?

Names suggested by the public included Fluffy and Blinky, while even those who knew the name struggled to pronounce it, with variations including Borrobaui, Borowbi and even Barbie.

For the record, his name is Borobi.

Tim joined ABC Gold Coast in March this year.

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Josh Olek
12 Apr 2018 - 10:47 am

Good to see ya boi back at it again. Good stuff Tim!